Attacks of occupation and its settlers in May 2014
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Attacks of occupation and its settlers in May 2014

The occupied Palestinian territories witness  a continuous violations by the occupation and its settlers, without any regard for international laws or human rights, continues attempts to implement its colonial plan of ethnic cleansing, seizure of land, and building and expanding settlements.


May 2014 has witnessed  the death of three Palestinians, Nadim Nawara, Mohammad Abu Zaher from Abu Shukheidim, both of them are from Ramallah district, and the doctor Samih Abu Wheesh (64 years old), from Abu Dis town, who died after inhaling tear gas fired by the Israeli army on the citizens in Abu Dis town.  


According to settlement expansion, during May they announced the construction of new housing units, a plan to establish a public park and setting the foundation for a synagogue; they also ratified the building of 50 housing units in Har Homa.


Israeli government handed over 59 military notifications to demolish houses or facilities. The number of such notifications is 59 notifications concentrated in Bethlehem, especially in : Al-Khader, Al Asakrh, and Um Salamuna villages; as well as the villages of Raba and a Anzah in Jenin district, and Bedouin in the north-east of the West Bank.


The report of the information center of the wall and the settlements shows the violations as follows:

–          41 attacks carried out by the settlers, including running over citizens, demolition, uprooting trees, burning and destroying crops, and bulldozing Lands. The attacks of settlers resulted in six different injuries.

–          85 storming and attacks on Palestinian cities and towns, with fire, tear and sound gas; resulted in hundreds of injuries with rubber bullets and suffocation.

–          228  arrests, including 34 children, two women and a disabled person.

–          38 closers and setting up checkpoints.

–          51 bulldozing, and confiscation of property.

–          29 actions and attempts to Judaize Jerusalem.

–          220 violations against prisoners, including isolating and transferring prisoners.

The following table shows the settlers' violations detailed in May 2014:








Uprooting trees


Khilet Al Nahleh-




50 olive seedlings belong to the citizen  Ali Issa Al Zeyadeh. 50-years-old.

Destroying trees



Bet Aien-and Jaboot


destroying 35 trees and writing racist graffiti on the rocks signed as "Pay for it"

Bulldozing lands  


Jales mountain-Hebron 

Hval Gal

Bulldozing an area of a land that belongs to ​​Al Zaru family; and used two trucks to move the soil to "Hval Gal" settlement.

Attacking citizens  


Tal Rmeed-Hebron

Ramati Yashai

Abusing the child Awni Imad Abu Shamsyeh 14-years-old, while he was on his way from his house to the city center, to sell corn. One of the settlers spit on his foot and kicked him; then soldiers arrest the child after he tried to defend himself, and released him after a while. They also attacked his father, Awni Abu Shamsyeh 43 years old.

Destroying trees


Beet Ummar-Hebron  

Beit Ein

Cutting branches of olive, and grapes trees (Vitis), owned by Abd Al Hamid Jaber Al Salebi 78-years-old, in Abu Rish valley area, west of Beit Ummar.

Attacking citizens  


Khilet Al Dood ( Al Taybeh)- Ramallah

Kokhaf Hashaher


Seven settlers attacked a citizen while he was herding sheep

The settlers used pipes, sharp instruments and stones, to severely beat him, causing deep injuries in the left ear and right leg, and bruises all over his body.

Destroying trees



Beitar Illit

Cutting fifty olive trees' branches, using hand saws. They also wrote racist slogans on the walls of agricultural land surrounding Nahaleen village , some of the slogans says (Death for Arabs, this land doesn't belong to Arabs). These trees are about 30 years old, and belong to Fanon family.

Destroying and uprooting  trees





Beitar Illit

uprooting and destroying 20 grapes trees (Vitis), and 10 olive trees, and a number of apricot trees, that are about two years old.

Burning trees




Destroying twenty olive, almonds, figs and oak trees, that belong to Maumoon Mohammed Daoud Abd Al Hamid, in Al-Shami valley region

Burning crops



Matsebi Yaeer

Burning piles of wheat crop, harvested from the citizen's Khaled Moussa al-Najjar land, 60 years old, resident Qawawis village east of the city.

Attacking citizens  


Deir Jarer- Ramallah


Kokhaf Hashaher


attacking citizens using plastic sticks, batons and a knife, which led to injuries and bruises.

Uprooting trees




Cutting 30 olive and almond trees.

Destroying crops  




Destroying wheat crop on nearly 45 acres and an estimated loss of 45 000 shekels.