16 years Palestinian teenager were kidnaped, tortured, killed by Israeli settlers.
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16 years Palestinian teenager were kidnaped, tortured, killed by Israeli settlers.

Three settlers kidnapped Mohammed Hussein Saeed Abu Khudair (16 years) from Shuafat – Jerusalem and killed him, when he was setting next to his father's shop; they beat him and forced him to get into a car, where the cameras in the area showed the Kidnappers' faces and the license number of the car. â€¨â€¨Clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces, these clashes were described as the strongest in Jerusalem since years; nearly 20 people were injured and live bullets injured one of them. â€¨â€¨


The daily crimes of the settlers continue against Palestinian civilians, and under the protection of Israeli army, which have increased after the disappearance of three settlers in the West Bank.


After the three settlers disappear, occupation army invaded the West Bank, arrested about 600 Palestinians and killed more than 10 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. After the three settlers were found dead, during yesterday and today, hundreds of Israelis protested chanting anti-Arab slogans, calling for killing Arabs. â€¨â€¨They attacked Palestinians in Jerusalem; their latest attack was kidnapping and killing the boy Muhammad after torturing him. Settlers also attacked Palestinians different regions; they burned a sheep barn in Nablus, and a settler ran over a 9 years old girl in Bethlehem and then ran away. â€¨â€¨It seems that the coming days will witness more of the crimes committed by the Israeli government and armed settlers against Palestinians before the very eyes of the whole world.


As clashes continues, 250 Palestinian injured in Jerusalem alone, more than 10 of them with live ammunition, occupation army invaded almost every city in the west bank.