Israel Bombards Gaza Strip
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Israel Bombards Gaza Strip

8 7 2014, today at dawn, Israeli occupation forces began a military operation "Protective Edge" against the besieged Gaza Strip, and until now this operation resulted in the death of Rashad Yassin, 27-year-old, and dozens of injuries among citizens after targeting houses in different places in Gaza. Palestinian resistance in return fired rockets towards the settlements, saying that it will not stay hand folded in front of occupation's crimes in the West Bank, occupied land since 1948, and Jerusalem, where their latest crime was burning Mohammed Abu Khudair alive. 11 Palestinians died, 9 of them in Gaza and two from Tulkarm and Qalqilya who were run over by settlers in the occupied city of Jaffa. 

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Angry demonstrations continues in all occupied territories: 

Occupation forces arrested about 300 Palestinians including 30 children from different Palestinian occupied land since 1948. As it also arrested about 40 Palestinians from the occupied Jerusalem and its surroundings. 


Demonstration in Jaffa

Yesterday, demonstrations continued until late hours in the evening in, Akka, Al Reineh, Jaffa, Sha'ab, Shefa Amr , Wadi Ara and Zimmer. Clashes erupted in the cities of the occupied West Bank, where dozens were wounded by live bullets and metal bullets coated with rubber in Tulkarem, (Al Zawieh, Beit Ummar, Dora, Al Fwar Camp) in Hebron (Ras Karkar) in Ramallah and (Al Khader, Bilal bin Rabah Mosque area) in Bethlehem. Also Some Palestinians destroyed part of the Apartheid Wall in Anata.

Palestinians closed the 60 street 

Settlers attempt to kidnap a child:

Tuesday at dawn, settlers tried to kidnap a child from Beit Sahour town. A security source of the Palestinian news agency said that the vehicle belonging to the settlers entered Beit Sahour and went to YMCA area, then approached the boy Ramadan Ria (17-year-old ), and tried to kidnap him, but the boy ran away and some citizens intervene to rescue him.