192 Martyrs and 1410 wounded in the War on Gaza
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192 Martyrs and 1410 wounded in the War on Gaza

3594 attacks, 2269 by rockets, 685 navy projectile, 640 artillery shell were shot to Gaza


39 Children and 24 women were murdered by the Israeli occupation forces till the midnight of Monday 1472014



Nour 4 days, the youngest martyr in Gaza


421 child and 232 women were wounded in the war on Gaza



1653 houses demolished since the beginning of war on Gaza, 240 totally destroyed.




Beside targeting the families, children and women, the Israeli occupation forces had targeted the hospitals of Gaza 6 times, ambulance and Media and disabled assosiation.



some Families gathered in UNRWA schools in order to aviod Death


The Target Bank of Israel in Gaza:





Those children are crying their parents who were killed with other 16 members of al Batsh family when the Israeli occupation forces bombed their house




After all, RESISTANCE is a RIGHT!



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