586 Martyrs, including 157 children during the attack on Gaza
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586 Martyrs, including 157 children during the attack on Gaza

22 7 2014 Israeli occupation government commits daily massacres against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, killing entire families including children and women. Anyone who sees these hideous crimes against civilians in Gaza, realizes that Israel is nothing but a criminal entity that commits daily crimes against humanity and under cover of the entire world. 

Occupation's last massacres in Gaza Strip, was on Monday 2172014, when occupation's aircrafts bombarded a residential compound, killing 11 citizens including five children, in addiction to their father and their mother. This massacre was preceded by the massacre against "Abu Jame" family, when Israeli aircrafts targeted a three floors house leading to the death of 26 people, including 18 children, and only three family members survived. 


It is clear from what is happening in Gaza, that the Bank of goals occupations' government is talking about is nothing but murdering more Palestinian families, targeting civilian houses and killing children who made up half of the victims in the attack. Israeli aircraft targeted 50 Palestinian families killing most of its members, the number of martyrs from these families is 213.


586 martyrs is the total number of martyrs until this morning, including 157 children and 73 women. These are just numbers in the memory of international community, but they are names that will never be forgotten in the memory of Palestinian people and the free world; they will be added to the martyrs of the Palestinian struggle and to Israel's black history that is filled with crimes and massacres. 


In addition to 3510 injuries, including 1086 children and 627 women. The number of completely destroyed houses since the beginning of the attack is 548, and the number of partially destroyed houses is 2929. This increase the number of displaced people in Gaza after targeting their houses or threatening to bombard their neighborhoods. 


Anything in Gaza could be targeted by Israel. Yesterday Israeli aircrafts bombed "Al-Aqsa Martyrs" hospital in Deir al-Balah, the main hospital in the region, which led to the death of five Palestinians and injuring 15 others; the bombing destroyed   Internal medicine, surgery and intensive care departments in the hospital, targeting this hospital, brings the number of targeted hospitals and medical clinics since the beginning of the attack to 10. Israeli occupation forces also targeted more than six water and sewerage plants, which provide services to more than 600,000 citizens; and more than 128 schools, where tens of thousands of students study, were damaged. 



People all over the world are acting to stop the crimes in Gaza, mobilize now! take actions!