1053+ killed and more than 6000 injuries in the ongoing occupation attack on Gaza
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1053+ killed and more than 6000 injuries in the ongoing occupation attack on Gaza

1053 were killed on the ongoing Israeli occupation attack on Gaza, and more than 6000 injuries at day 21, according to ministry of health, 42% of them are childrens. 

151 body were extracted from under the rubble, at alshuja'ia neighborhood. 


alshuja'ia neighborhood before bombardment) 


Alshuja'ia neighborhood after bombardment


photo credit (APA)



IOF massive bombing in Gaza minutes before 12hr ceasefire (RT)


“The streets of Shujaiya are packed with dead bodies” (palmon)

According to witness reports, the shelling started around 9pm Saturday and quickly grew in intensity. “The bombing was all around us – there was no light, no water, we didn't know what to do,” Ahmed, a Shujaiya resident testified. At 6am Sunday, Ahmed fled his home with his wife, sisters-in-law and their children.    

Another neighbourhood resident who returned to check on his house during the temporary ceasefire, Ibrahim Fayed al-Zayim, toldMa'an News Agency, "We woke up as the ceiling of the house fell on us. We fled on foot away from the sound of barbaric shelling not knowing where to go."

"The intensity and savageness of the shelling forced us to leave with whatever clothes we had on, with women wearing prayer clothes. Later good people gave us clothes to change," he added. 

Peter Beaumont, a journalist for the Guardian who is currently stationed in Gaza, confirmed in his article that, “At one stage, artillery and mortar rounds were hitting the outskirts of the city every five seconds.”

 “It is a massacre taking place in Shujaiya. It is a massacre with the full sense of the word, committed by Israel against innocent civilians, there are no armed men among us, the streets of Shujaiya are packed with dead bodies,” one resident, who managed to reach a hospital, told Al Jazeera


Essam Ammar ( a child from Gaza)

Essam, 4, pictured above, was killed in an airstrike alongside his brother Ibrahim, aged 13, and sister, Eman, aged 9. They were killed when Israeli aircraft bombarded an apartment building in Gaza City’s central Rimal neighborhood. The Ammar family were hosting friends from the Jumaa family. In the same attack, and her 2 sons, were also killed.

In total, 11 people died in this one attack.

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