Denied Jamal Juma Permission To Enter Jordan
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Denied Jamal Juma Permission To Enter Jordan

With this statement the organizations Paz con Dignidad and Biladi wish to show our deepest and most heartfelt solidarity with our colleague Jamal Jumá, coordinator of Stop the Wall, in the light of the events occurred on 11th October when the Jordanian authorities on the border with the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) denied him permission to enter the Kingdom of Jordan, to take part in a political tour that he was going to hold in The Basque Country from the 13th to 17th October, whilst in possession of a Schengen visa that authorised him to travel to Europe for a year.

In this sense, we want to condemn the attitude of the Jordanian authorities, as the prohibition to cross the Jordanian border represents another violation of the long list of human rights violations suffered by the Palestinian people and, which, in the case of Jamal Jumá, makes it impossible for him to leave the OPT, which we link to the aim of silencing Jamal Jumá and his great work to condemn the Wall of apartheid and the illegal settlements.

Similarly, we want to declare our deep conviction that one day the Palestinians will enjoy all their rights as a people, and the firm commitment from the Asociación Paz con Dignidad and the Asociación Palestina Biladi to continue fighting and promoting initiatives in the Basque Country to pressurise Israel to comply with international law.

For that reason, we will maintain the meetings and activities planned for this week with
Maren Mantovani, coordinator of international relations of Stop the Wall.

In Bilbao, 13th of October 2014

Yours faithfully,


Asociación Paz con Dignidad
Asociación Palestina Biladi