Congratulations to the Greek People
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Congratulations to the Greek People

Occupied Palestine, January 25, 2015

To: Syriza and the Greek people

As the Palestinian Land Defense Coalition, a network of local committees, farmers, workers, women and youth, we congratulate Syriza and the Greek people for the victory in today's elections.

The people of Greece have achieved a victory for a political agenda of social justice, equality, and respect of diversity. In Greece a political vision has prevailed that promotes solidarity over austerity and rights over racist and xenophobic exclusion. This moment brings a message of hope and dignity of the people of the South and inspires people far beyond the borders of their country.

As Palestinian people we feel deeply connected with the people of Greece. We are not only geographically close. We share a tradition of resistance to occupation and fascism, a history of steadfastness and dignity.

As we are joining here in Palestine the celebrations in the streets of Greece, we remember our meetings with some of the leaders of Syriza, already at a time when it was a newly formed coalition. Solidarity with the Palestinian people – so deeply rooted in Greece – has been expressed throughout the political trajectory of Syriza through its statements and active participation in solidarity actions, including during the last Gaza massacre.

We all know that this victory is really only the start of a much bigger challenge: rebuilding Greek economy based on principles that overcome the dynamics that lead to the crisis in the first place and neglect the rights of the people. This task, just as the elections, cannot be fulfilled by a government or a party alone. It requires a national effort in order to continue prevailing over all those that are out to prove that Syriza and the Greek people cannot build their alternative, will fail in the attempt to independently determine their policies and shall not see the hopes their have voted for fulfilled.

From across the seashore of the Mediterranean, we want to send you therefore not only congratulations for your victory but as well a message of strength and solidarity.
You have chosen the path of hope, solidarity and social justice. It is not an easy path but we trust you will be not only a hope but a true example for the global left.



The Land Defense Coalition


  • Palestinian Farmers Union
  • Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, Stop the Wall
  • New Unions (General Unions of workers committees of the food and agricultural industries)
  • Palestinian Youth Forum
  • Women's Center of Social Development
  • Association for the Rights of the Farmers and for the Preservation of the Environment
  • Popular Council of the Jordan Valley