Israel Wants To Bulldoze The Area
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Israel Wants To Bulldoze The Area

For over a week Palestinians have come together to oppose the forcible relocation of the Bedouins in areas around Jerusalem. Now they face a new challenge. One of the following days, the Israeli government will bulldoze the protest camp and the surrounding area. 

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Israel will level the ground 

They don`t know when the Israeli goverment will arive, but they are expected soon. The workers who were going to level the ground in and around the Palestinian village Abu Dis close to Jerusalem,  were expected on Sunday morning. The plan of Israel is to construct a reserve for the Bedouins who are closed out from their traditional habitat in the grasslands in the Jordan Valley. This is a major attack on their rights and their way of life, and a violation both of their human rights and the legal rights of Palestine as an occupied country. 


Expanding the occupied Palestine

This is one more action from Israel to expand their territory in occupied Palestine. There will be a lot of Palestinian and international protesters where Israel now for five times has attacked and destroyed the protest camp called The Gate of Jerusalem.


Join the protests

It is hard to predict what will be the result of the following days, but one thing is for sure, the people at the camp need your support. Everybody who is able to join, please do so by meeting at the camp. 
For more information about how to support the cause, send us a message on Facebook or call +970-568-921821.