Salute to the Greek people: Your ‘OXI’ (No) inspires all of us
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Salute to the Greek people: Your ‘OXI’ (No) inspires all of us

The Stop the Wall Campaign sends a deep felt salute to the Greek people who this Sunday have stood up bravely against brutal austerity measures that the Eurogroup wants to continue to impose on Greece. Your steadfastness against the scaremongering and the dictates of some of the most powerful institutions in the world is today inspiring people across the globe – including in Palestine.

Your OXI (No) to the Eurogroup proposals sends a powerful message that resistance of the people is not only possible but necessary, if we do not want to succumb to a world without democracy, without equality and without self-determination.

In Palestine we continue to mobilize and to resist with our own 'OXI' to Israeli apartheid, occupation and colonization. In these days, a year after Israel's brutal massacre against our people in Gaza, we denounce the killing of 2500 Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing siege on Gaza and oppression against our people and call for an immediate end to Israel's impunity through boycotts, divestments and sanctions. At the same time, it is a moment to value the spirit of steadfastness and defiance of our people, which continues since decades day after day building hope and a better future.

Your vote this Sunday reminds us once again that not only throughout the shores of the Mediterranean Sea but across the globe uncountable movements are in struggle united in a common effort to overcome oppression and economic, social and racist exclusion. It is the common force of all our struggles that will give us the power to achieve freedom, justice and equality.


We wish you all the best for the still difficult times to come. 

It is only where people resist injustice that change can grow.