#FreeSalah Update: “Salah’s conditions are shocking”
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#FreeSalah Update: “Salah’s conditions are shocking”

The hearing at the Israeli military court in Petah Tikva ruled Salah Khawaja would be subjected for another 8 days of interrogation. It further revealed the shocking physical conditions Salah is in after having been subjected to two weeks of almost non-stop interrogation already for two weeks. Join us to #Free Salah.

Yesterday, November 9, Salah Khawaja was brought in front of the military court in Petah Tikva. His lawyer Jehad Abu Raya is still barred from talking to his client said, but the hearing forced the Israeli military to show Salah and his physical conditions after 15 days in prison. Abu Raya related that even after years of working as a lawyer and with the Israeli prison system he was shocked to see the state of his client. The prison authorities kept Salah blindfolded even during the hearing and he ‘looked like coming out of the grave’.

In only 15 days, Israeli intelligence officers have conducted 27 rounds of interrogation with Salah – practically non-stop interrogation. Sleep deprived and visibly marked by two weeks of duress and ill-treatment, Salah has lost a worrying amount of weight already. Yet, apparently he has not lost his strength: the strength of human rights defenders that know they are being forced to prison and ill-treatment for nothing else but standing up for a just cause and a better world for all of us.

At the end of the hearing, the Israeli military court extended the interrogation period for another 8 days. Another week for intelligence officers to continue their inhumane treatment against Salah.

#FREESALAH – Please help us to bring Salah Khawaja out of prison now and denounce Israeli repression against human rights defenders. For more click here.