#FreeSalah Update: Court postpones decision once again
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#FreeSalah Update: Court postpones decision once again

Yesterday, the Israeli military court once again refused to decide on Salah Khawaja’s case, extending with this his arrest until the next court hearing, set for Thursday December 15 at 11 am at Ofar military detention facility.

While Salah is kept in prison, international attention is growing. Sunday’s court hearing saw once again a strong observer presence including representatives of the European Union, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and a representative of an international NGO, NOVACT. His family has been able to attend the court as well.

Salah Khawaja is worn out after having been held since October 26th in prison, having passed through almost 20 days of interrogation under duress, including physical ill-treatment and psychological pressure and threats. However, convinced of his innocence, his spirits are still holding up.

We call once again on governments, the United Nations, international civil society organizations, and solidarity groups to keep and increase the pressure on the Israeli military system and to:

  • Ensure observer presence of diplomatic missions and international organizations on Thursday, December 15, 11am at Ofar detention facility.
  • For civil society groups to pressure their governments to intervene with Israel to #FreeSalah and end repression of Human Rights Defenders
  • For governments and the United Nations to intervene with Israel and to end all cooperation with Israeli institutions and international corporations involved in the Israeli prison system and regime of repression.