Protests in Solidarity for Prisoners Hunger Strike
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Protests in Solidarity for Prisoners Hunger Strike

As Palestinian political prisoners enter into the sixth day of their freedom and dignity hunger strike, prisoners are being transferred into solitarily confinement, denied solicitor visits and one hunger striker has taken ill and been transferred to hospital. Tensions are high and Palestinians are calling on the international community to take a stand and hold Israel accountable to their breeches of Human Rights. 
 All this week demonstrations have been taking place across Occupied Palestinian Territories in Beituniya, Bi’lin, Kafr Qaddum, Ramallah, Nablus and Bethlehem. 

On Thursday 20 April activists gathered to stand in solidarity with those who are detained in Israeli prisons. Approximately 150 protestors gathered late morning in Beituniya holding a peaceful solidarity demonstration. Protestors made their way peacefully towards Ofar Israeli military prison. Like previous solidarity demonstrations in the past few days Israeli forces suppressed the crowd next to the Israeli military prison firing tear gas, sound grenades and rubber coated bullets into the crowd of protesters.

The crowds retreated into the hills in all directions trying to escape the inhalation of tear The youth threw stones and hurled Molotov cocktails from the hills in retaliation in the direction of the Israeli forces. Two Israeli jeeps drove passed the crowds and shortly after arrested and detained a male demonstrator bringing him back towards Ofar. 

At the other side of Ofar Israeli National Union Party Youth Organization held a celebration barbeque against political prisoners on hunger strike. The aim of the celebration was to deter the political prisoners from the hunger strike. Not only was there no consequences to the Israeli National Union Party Youth Organization celebrations, they were joined by Israeli soldiers who also participated in the celebrations.  

On Friday 22 April hundreds of Palestinian worshippers prayed in solidarity with the Hunger Strikers. Palestinian citizens of Israel set up a sit in tent in the town of Arraba al-Battuf holding a symbolic hunger strike solidarity with the hunger strikers. 

The way Israel deals with the Hunger Strikers demonstrates once again that Israel has merciless violates Palestinian human rights. The Palestinian people continue to call for their humanity to be recognised and respected, their struggle for freedom, justice and equality to be met with solidarity. In Palestine to exist is to resist.