List of Nov9 #WorldwithoutWall actions
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List of Nov9 #WorldwithoutWall actions

Here you find a list of some highlights among the global actions that during the days of the November 9 are building a #WorldwithoutWalls. Dozens of inspiring actions from north to south, from east to west have been planned: workshops, rallies, encounters, debates, exhibits, protests, video screenings and much more…. 



For a World Without Walls: Stories of Resistance to Border Violence

Details: Thursday 9 Novembre 2017 at 6:30pm, Association Récréative Milton-Parc, 3580 Jeanne Mance

Organised by: Tadamon!

Facebook event:



Demonstration against the Walls of Racism and Segregation

Details: Center of Santiago, 19h, November 9.

Organised by: Movimiento de Acción, Red Nacional de Organizaciones Migrantes y Promigrantes, causa mapuche

‘Laughing as resistance and rebellion in Palestine’ Film screening of the documentary Mashi Trasi que Trasi and debate

Details: Valdivia, November 10

Organised by:  Juventud Chileno-Árabe Por Palestina De Valdivia, Pallasos en Rebeldia

Facebook event:


Costa Rica

Stencil action and video discussion

Details: November 9

Organised by: Centro de Amigos para la Paz / Red de Solidaridad con Palestina – Costa Rica



Movie projection "Les murs de la honte" de Thierry Denis et Guy Ratovondrahona. Exposition about the Israeli wall and publishing photos about the activities

Organised by: Association France Palestine Solidarité Nîmes

Protest in occasion of the Global Day for a #WorldwithoutWalls

Details: Porte de Versailles, November 9, 12:30.

Organised by: Union Juive Française pour la Paix

Information distribution stall about Israel’s Wall (Lyon)

Details: Place le Viste à 15h

Organised by: Femmes en Noir, Collectiff 69 Palestine (Lyon)



Protest Action

Details: 11/9 Action Potsdamer Platz

Organised by:  BDS Berlin


Ireland/Northern Ireland

Stencil action at Free Derry Monument

Details: Derry, November 8

Organised by: Ireland Palestine


Mexico – US

International Caravan for the Unity of the People and against the Wall of Infamy

Details: October 30 – November 10, From Oaxaca to Nogales/Sonora at the US-Mexico border.

Organised by: International Observatory for Human Rights of the People

Press Conference: One year after Trump's election

Details: Nov. 8, 7pm, Ciudad de Mexico, Alvaro Obregón 182, Colonia Roma

Joint public event for the International Caravan and #WorldwithoutWall

Details: Nov 9, 11am, Hermosillo, Sonora

Orgnised by: International Observatory for Human Rights of the People

Border Encounter

Details: 10/11/12, Nogales (Mexico), Tucson (US)

Organised by: Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos y Caravana contra los Muros de la Infamia / SOAWatch


Spanish State

Demonstration against the Wall

Details: November 9 Puerta de Purchena Almeria

Organised by:BDS Almería

Conference about the Walls in the World, party and music from the world

Details: 9nov, 19h, Pantera Rossa  Zaragoza

Organised by: Zaragoza Bienvenidxs refugiadxs, colectivo antimilitarista Mambrú, Colectivo Universitario Palestino

Exposition and Documentary screening

Details:9nov, 18h30 – La CabaPhoto

Organised by: Colectivo antimilitarista Madrid

Meeting in Palestine

Organised by: Un autobús contra los muros


United Kingdom

Protest rally

Details:Brighton Railway Station nov9 5 pm

Organised by: Brighton to Palestine


United States

#DeadlyExchange National Day of Action for a world of safety through solidarity

JVPers have been hitting the streets across the country to deliver a national petition, signed by 20,000 people, calling on the Anti-Defamation League to end its 'law enforcement' exchange programs with Israel.

Details: November 8, 15 cities – NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, St Louis, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Denver, Santa Barbara, Austin, Los Angeles, New Haven, Western Mass, Baltimore, Indiana
Organized by: JVP

Rally demonstration with border wall prop

Details: November 9 rally demonstration at Towsend Park. New York, 15:30 – 17:30

Organized by: QPaliEmpowerus (NY)

Two day event: 3 workshops for a #WorldwithoutWalls at the Humboldt State University

  • From the U.S/Mexico Border to the Walls in Palestine @12 pm

Nov. 8th (1.5-2 hrs) Informative Panel w/Q&A

  • Criminalization in Our Communities Behind Walls… POC vs. the PIC @3pm

Nov. 8th (1.5-2 hrs) Informative/Discussion Based

  • Undocumented Unafraid: Organizing, Lessons Learned, and the Current Context @3pm

Nov. 9th (1hr)

Organised by: Scholarswithoutborders Humboldt State University




Details:  Nov.9, 11:00 hrs.

Organised by: Comisión de Apoyo al Pueblo Palestino – Uruguay