Day of Rage: Two Palestinians killed, hundreds injured
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Day of Rage: Two Palestinians killed, hundreds injured

The day of mobilisation called for in Palestine on Friday has seen mass demonstrations all over Palestine. During the day, Israeli repression was heavy and killed two Palestinians in Gaza and left over 800 people injured.

Protests erupted all over Palestine, the West Bank, Gaza and inside the Green Line. Protests in most places were heavily repressed by Israeli occupation forces and clashes lasted for hours.

(Image taken in the Old City of Jerusalem)

 “It is our people that give me – and I hope the rest of the world – the strength and hope to continue to struggle for justice and freedom. During the last two days most of the Palestinians have taken to the streets and it is this popular reaction that has ensured Trump’s declaration cannot be simply accepted. It is our people that has brought back Palestine on top of the political agendas worldwide.”
(Protest in Nablus)

Only in the Gaza Strip, where demonstrations marched towards the walls that impose the ongoing brutal siege on the tiny strip, 170 people suffered injuries. 30-year-old Mahmoud al-Masri was shot and killed by Israeli forces during clashes along the border. 54-year-old Maher Atallah died on Friday evening, after he was shot by Israeli forces near protests in northern Gaza. On Saturday at dawn, two more Palestinians where killed by fighter jets bombing Gaza.

Out of the over 800 injured, 61 where wounded by live ammunition, 200 by metal coated bullets and 479 suffered from the severe effects of tear gas.
(Protest in Ramallah)