Activists protest official US delegation
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Activists protest official US delegation

A group of activists has protested the presence of an official US Congress delegation, which had scheduled as part of their Israel trip a white-washing event Ramallah.

A number of activists gathered outside the headquarters of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research to denounce the presence of an official US Congress delegation inside the building.

Protestors shouted slogans and held up placards denouncing the US policy and its hostility towards the Palestinian people and our inalienable rights to self-determination. Especially after the US administration under Donald Trump had, against all international law and agreements, recognized Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem by recognising the city as Israel’s capital, the protestors declared official US delegations as not welcome in Palestine.

While Palestinian movements deeply appreciate the growing solidarity built by US movements – in a common struggle against the US government policies targeting not only Palestinian rights but as well the rights of black, latinx and many other communities in the US – they would not let this delegation pass without protest.

Palestinian police was present at the scene and had to escort the US congress people out of the building while the gathered crowd was chanting slogans and launched eggs towards the delegation.