Israel 10 members Tamimi Family, terrorises the entire village
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Israel 10 members Tamimi Family, terrorises the entire village

This morning at dawn, Israeli occupation forces have attacked the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh  and arrested ten people – among which Muhammad Tamimi, who is still suffering from his skull injuries he sustained when shot in the head by Israeli forces two months ago.

Israel is unleashing ever more brutal repression against the entire village of Nabi Saleh in order to attempt to make the village an example for anybody else that any form of resistance, whatever non-violent, will be rooted out without mercy.

As the Israeli military jeeps entered the village of Nabi Saleh this morning, February 25, at dawn they raided almost the entire village, terrorising everybody and arresting the following resistants:

1 – Tamim Fadel Tamimi, 17 years old
2 – Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, 15 years old. Muhammad was shot in the face and head two months ago and his critical injury was the main reason for Ahed Tamimi slapping the fully armed Israeli soldiers in her courtyard. Muhammad had to be kept in medically induced coma and underwent an eight hours surgery. Fortunately he survived but one third of his skull had to be removed and the surgery to reconstitute his skull is scheduled for May. He is still suffering severely on many accounts from the injury.
3 – Islam Saleh Tamimi, 19 years old.
4 – Omar Saleh Tamimi, 30 years old.
Islam and Omar are brothers and have a third brother, Kareem, already in Israeli jails.
5 – Suhaib Samer Tamimi, 12 years old. His brother Asem is as well in Israeli jails.
6 – We’am Eyad Tamimi, 17 years old.
7 – Mu’ayad Hamzeh Tamimi, 15 years old. His brother Muhammad is already in Israeli jails.
8 – Muhammad Mujahed Tamimi, 16 years old.
9 – Muhammad Sami Tamimi, 17 years old.
10 – Amjad Abed Hafeth Tamimi, 26 years old.

Israeli military raided as well the house of Naji Tamimi searching for his son Anan. In the process the officer of the Israeli intelligence, Shabak, threatened the family members that Nabi Salehwill suffer more and that they all have to expect more brutal attacks.

As well the houses of Shaker Tamimi and Abu Mustafa Tamimi have been raided. Mustafa Tamimi has been killed in 2012 with a high velocity gas canister shot by Israeli military in his face.