Join us to Stop Israel’s Apartheid Wall
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Join us to Stop Israel’s Apartheid Wall

The last weeks have demonstrated not only Israeli inhuman brutality as it perpetuates its regime of occupation and apartheid. They have shown that Palestinian collective, non-violent resistance is becoming the weak spot for Israeli occupation. Be part of this movement and send today a message that the world cares.


We are happy to launch together with supporters a fundraising drive where you can participate by giving and by helping us to gather the resources to continue our struggle – more urgent and more determined than ever.

For the first time we are able to reach out directly to you – those standing in solidarity with our struggle – to support our daily efforts.

Since 70 years we Palestinians have been expelled from our homes, faced destruction of our lands and lives. Refugees, segregated second class citizens or trapped behind Israel’s illegal Walls laying siege on us and our cities – this will not be our future!

Any injustice eventually is dismantled when people unite to oppose it.

We, Stop the Wall’s local committees in the Palestinian communities, wake up every morning to organise protests and support each other in rebuilding homes and replanting trees where Israel destroys.

Your donation may help a family to recover destroyed livelihoods, a community to resist displacement, young people to develop creative action.