Israel decides on destruction – Defend Khan al-Ahmar now!
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Israel decides on destruction – Defend Khan al-Ahmar now!

After years of resistance and a month of legal battles, as expected the Israeli courts voted in favour of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Bedouin community. In exactly one week, Khan al Ahmar is up for destruction. Click below and help us stop the demolition. 

Khan el Ahmar is a Palestinian Bedouin village of some 40 families belonging to the Jahalin tribe. They have been ethnically cleansed from their homes in the Naqab in 1951 and then resettled in the hills East of Jerusalem. Now they are resisting a second expulsion from their homes. 

Please help us with the following steps: 

  • Call your consulate to urge them to protest the illegal planned population transfer of the Israeli occupation and to go to Khan al Ahmar now to witness the ethnic cleansing plans!
  • Contact your members of parliament now to urge them to demand an urgent question in parliament and/or pressure government to condemn this further illegal act of systematic population transfer by the Israeli occupation forces and to impose sanctions, including a military embargo, on Israel until it respects international law and Palestinian human rights. 
  • Contact your media now to ensure Israeli illegal acts against the Palestinian people are being  exposed.

Since years, Israel is intent on destroying the community and as part of its plan to displace all Bedouin communities in the Area C of the West Bank. 

Israeli pressure has increased at the beginning of July and over the month of August, the lawyers of the community have been waging legal battles in the court. 

They have proven that the community is not built on land slated for agricultural use and construction on the land is not prohibited, even under Israeli law – let alone under international law. 

They shoed that the so-called ‘relocation camps’, into which the community should be pushed, are in areas where Israeli law prohibits any construction. The areas slated for the community, according to the Israeli military, would be bordering one of the Israel’s biggest sewage treatment plants and construction in the area is illegal because living there constitutes an evident health hazard, apart from being simply unbearable. 

All this made no difference to the court. The judges upheld earlier verdicts and declared that the stay on demolition would expire in a weeks time, giving the green light for the state to demolish the community of Khan al Ahmar.