Khan al Ahmar’s resistance rises!
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Khan al Ahmar’s resistance rises!

After Israeli courts have decided on the imminent destruction of Khan al Ahmar, the Palestinian Bedouin community located East of Jerusalem, popular resistance is building to defend the community. 

Today, some 600 people from all across the West Bank have been gathering in Khan al Ahmar to pledge they will stand together with the Arab Jahalin community in Khan al Ahmar to protect it. 

After Friday prayers, people marched together to block the main road that leads from Jerusalem to Jericho in protest of the ethnic cleansing of the community.

The organisations at the forefront of the support to Khan al Ahmar, including the Stop the Wall Campaign, as well as the Palestinian Ministry for Affairs related to the Wall and the settlements have pledged to help mobilising a continued mass presence in the community of activists from all over Palestine to defend Khan al Ahmar. They have pledged that anything that Israel will destroy, will be re-built again. 

The struggle for Khan al Ahmar is a struggle against Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Khan al Ahmar is only one of some 20 other communities in the area that Israel wants to erase.