Khan al Ahmar at Day Zero
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Khan al Ahmar at Day Zero

Since yesterday night, over 500 people are gathered at the village of Khan al Ahmar to support the community in the moment the Israeli deadline for demolition expired. Khan al Ahmar and the Palestinian people in solidarity are counting on international support.

Three more tents had to be collectively erected to host the crowd that had gathered from all over the West Bank. They conversed, drank tea and played music through the night. Ready for the bulldozers and the Israeli military to arrive.

The night was calm, though. Only the usual military and police presence close to the village continued their surveillance.

In the morning, the settlers from the close by illegal settlement of Mishor Adumim started diverting their sewage water towards Khan al Ahmar.

Since the morning, at some 5-7 meters distance from the community the sewage water is flowing, filling the area near to it with stench and destroying the environment around the area.

The Israeli military, as usual, is looking on not doing anything to prevent this environmental crime.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is positive. People are convinced that Khan al Ahmar will resist. Numbers of people staying in solidarity with the community will only increase in the coming days as every night activities are being organised – including cultural activities and collective work moments to improve Khan al Ahmar and make it a more pleasant place for the community and the people gathered in solidarity.

Khan al Ahmar and the Palestinian people gathered there are counting on international support.


Please consider:

(1) CALL YOUR CONSULATE and MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT to urge them to protest the illegal planned population transfer of the Israeli occupation and to take effective measures, including a military embargo, to ensure Israel respects international law and Palestinian human rights.
(2) CONTACT THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE BULLDOZERS Israel needs to destroy Khan al Ahmar and other Palestinian communities and homes to let them know they are aiding and abetting a war crime by not taking any action to stop Israel from using their equipment for the destruction of Khan al Ahmar. Bulldozers by the following manufacturers are regularly used by Israel in its illegal destructions of Palestinian homes and property:



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SAMPLE TWEET: "Israel's planned demolition of #KhanalAhmar is a war crime. @ [manufacturer] Stop your equipment from being used for Israel's violations of International law, including forced displacement of Palestinians. This is your responsibility."