Settler sewage infesting #KhanalAhmar
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Settler sewage infesting #KhanalAhmar

The river and lake that have since yesterday appeared in Khan al Ahmar are stinking sewage water from the illegal settlements. See photos of the environmental crime and the gross human rights violation and harrassment here.

Since yesterday morning, settlers from the illegal settlements surrounding Khan al Ahmar have started diverting their sewage water to the Palestinian Bedouin community in order to drive the people out – even as they resist Israeli demolition orders.

The Stop the Wall Campaign states: "Only a racist, colonial and criminal mentality can think of and implement such a gross harassment and environmental crime. It just adds to the myriad of Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and is part of its overall strategy to ethnically cleanse the area from Palestinians. Nothing of all of this will make people give up on their right to the land and our right to self-determination. One day, we will be free and we will be able to clean up the land from the pollution brought about the soil we cherish by Israeli settlers and industries and Israeli colonial policies."