UPDATED #WorldwithoutWalls under construction!
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UPDATED #WorldwithoutWalls under construction!

10 days to the Second Global Day of InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls! As the countdown starts and movements and organizations across the world are preparing to join in, Stop the Wall releases a first list of planned activities. It's an inspiring coming together of diverse actions united by the determination to build effective solidarity and joint struggles to challenge the walls that oppress, exploit, exclude, discriminate and kill.

Once again, people and movements across the globe are making it clear: We are many, we are everywhere and we are building a #WorldwithoutWalls. Together we are standing against a world where Israel has become a model for a rising right that increasingly deploys its paradigms, methodology and technology tested in decades of occupation and apartheid.


The Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign will be mobilizing together with other organizations and movements:

  • A mass protest against Israel’s apartheid wall in Ni'lin, one of the Palestinian villages that have since the beginning been an unreakable backbone of the popular struggle against the apartheid Wall.

  • A youth gathering of Palestinian youth from both sides of the Green Line – Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians from the occupied West Bank. The meeting will be hosted by Palestinian farmers groups and aims to break the walls Israel is building by attempting to fragment the Palestinian people into communities suffering different expression of the same Israeli apartheid regime and breaking the generation gap between old and young activists.


Mobilization starts already during the World Social Forum on Migration, Mexico City, November 2-4, with a number of activities aimed at promoting a #WorldwithoutWalls. Among those are:


Events with Stop the Wall from November 5-9:

  • November 5, 11 am, National School for Anthropology and History, Mexico City: a conference entitled “Militarized Walls from Mexico to Palestine – foes of freedom”

  • November 7, 5:30 pm, Autonomous University of Mexico City: Conference entitled “Palestine Today”.

  • November 8, 4 pm, Museum of the Untamed Memory, Mexico City: A public event on the campaign #WorldwithoutWalls

  • November 9, Day of Action for a #WorldwithoutWalls in Oaxaca: 11 am Press Conference, 4 pm gathering.



The Argentinian Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People and BDS Argentina will be organizing an arts festival with the title World without Walls and will launch a cultural boycott initiative.

Place: San Telmo – Buenos Aires

Date and time: 8 de noviembre de 15hs. a 21hs.


Women in Black (Vienna) will join in with an online information action, publishing translated texts on #WorldwithoutWalls.

Canada / Quebec

Tadamon and the student Palestine group at the University of Quebec in Montreal SDHPP UQAM will be organizing on November 9 a visibility action and social media blitz campaign.


Chilean organizations will be joining in with social media action.


El 9 de Noviembre, BDS Colombia va lanzar el mapa de espacios libres de Cemex.

Costa Rica

More information to come.


Association France-Palestine Solidarité (AFPS), BDS France, UJFP and others are organizing 10 #WorldwithoutWalls events between November 3 and December 1 – in Paris, Grenoble, Clermond Ferrand, Montpellier, Lyon, Valenciennes,  Douai, Reillanne, Evry and Annonay – and will promote the campaign to press AXA Insurance to divest from Elbit Systems, Wall builder and Israel’s biggest private military company, as well as banks financing Israel’s illegal settlements.


BDS Berlin will participate with:

  • An exhibition of Walls – not only those that still exist but also those that were and are built against refugees, people in need, the "others" in each case. We will show photos of walls including the ones in Palestine and between the US and Mexico, but also remebering the 80th anniversary of the Conference of Evian and the Reichspogromnacht.

  • A gathering and flyering initiative disseminating the call for action in English and German.


A conference at the Central University of Jamia Millia Islamia will be organized to mark the Global Day of InterAction #WorldwithoutWalls.


BDS Malaysia, MyCare, the al-Quds Foundation Malaysia and the Palestine Students Association – Malaysia have come together to participate in the global InterAction with:

  • a social media campaign and a media statement entitled: 'BDS Malaysia Condemns the Apartheid Wall in Palestine'

  • a public event in Putrajaya, the government administrative center of Malaysia. Programs will include live demonstrations of apartheid policy in Palestine, talks, posters exhibition and a Flashmob presentation by Malaysian university students (30 participants). 

  • Place: Putrajaya, Malaysia (Government Administrative Center of Malaysia)

  • Date and Hour: 9 November, 12 pm – 2 pm

Spanish State

Details to come.


PSC THailand will join in with social media action.

United States

November 5: The Deadly Exchange campaign of the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) will organize on November a conversation with the Palestinian grassroots organization, Stop the Wall, and the Human Rights Observatory of Indigenous People, on the connections between militarization on the Mexico-US border and the ongoing occupation of Palestine. 

November 7: A large World Without Walls Coalition organizes in Oakland a public event entitled 'Investing in Sanctuary: Freedom to Stay, Freedom to Move, Freedom to Return'.

November 9: The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights will be joining with social media action.


Not on the list?

Please let us know what you are planning at global[@]stopthewall.org. You have already done so and still not on the list? Apologies, we might have missed the mail! Please, remind us.


Want to join in? There is still time! Have a look at our suggestions on how to join the mobilization for a #WorldwithoutWalls.


Organize an event:

Organize seminars, conferences or other events that talk about Israel’s apartheid Wall and the Walls in our societies and borders. You may want to invite speakers that connect Palestine solidarity and other struggles against the myriad of ever more killing and repressive walls that harm far too many lives and livelihoods.

Organize an exhibit:

Organize an exhibit with photographs of the Wall(s) or other visual testimonies.

Organize street actions and protests:

You may want to stage a performance with a mock wall, distribute leaflets, have a stall in a central place or organize a full scale protest targeting one of the Wall-builders, whether a corporation profiting from the Walls or those institutions taking the decision to build a wall.

Prepare a statement to share on November 9:

We want to hear and share your ideas and struggles for a #WorldwithoutWalls. A joint statement for a #WorldwithoutWalls released on the occasion of November 9 with movements, organizations, personalities that see the connection between their struggle and the Palestinian cause in a global convergence for a #WorldwithoutWalls can be a powerful contribution to the effort. It will help you to build new conversations and for all of us to understand new perspectives.

Prepare to join our social media action:

Just as last year, we will again make November 9 a day of global sharing of our struggles and commitments for a #WorldwithoutWalls. With your contributions we will once again share ideas, experiences, struggles, events, poetry, arts for a #WorldwithoutWalls in order to learn from each other, inspire each other and give each other strength.