Beit Anan: A generation fights for the right to education
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Beit Anan: A generation fights for the right to education

Together with the children of the local school that Israel wants to demolish, Palestinian grassroots movements, including Stop the Wall, and the Cultural Center of Beit Anan, held on Tuesday February 5 an act of defiance and steadfastness.

The school serves some 50 pupils of the local Bedouin community and is under imminent threat of demolition. It is located between Beit Liqya and Beir Anan.

On Tuesday, community leaders and grassroots movements came together to pledge support for the community and to ensure pupils, teachers and parents that they would struggle together to save the school.

The demolition order issued by Israel is part of the regime's policy to target specifically the Palestinian Bedouin communities – whether in the occupied West Bank or the Naqab, inside the Green Line. Israel aims to displace these communities as they are living on relatively large spaces of land with comparably little infrastructure to destroy. Ethnically cleansing the Bedouin communities therefore allows large scale confiscation and colonisation of land and to dissect evn more the isolated enclaves, in which Palestinians are confined.

In fact, the school is inside the so-called 'Biddu enclave/ghetto'. Beit 'Anan along with Biddu, Beit Duqqu, Beit Surik, Qatanna, al Qubeida, Beit Ijza, Kharayib Umm al Lahim and at Tira. The enclave is almost completely isolated by settlements and Israel plans to evantually link the enclave to Ramallah only by a fenced underpass road.