JOIN THE ACTION: November 9 – Global Day of InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls
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JOIN THE ACTION: November 9 – Global Day of InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls

Be part of a World without Walls: Build ties among movements struggling against physical walls – in Palestine and around the globe – or virtual walls of injustice – including racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, hetero-patriarchy, militarization, climate injustice and more – in your area, your country and invite for a moment of reflection or joint struggle.


Build Resistance not Walls!

You can:

  • organize discussions or film screenings

  • organize exhibits or street actions

  • plan a program in your community media (radio, video or written)

  • strengthen your existing intersectional campaigns to build bridges between the struggles

  • show solidarity with other struggles!


Please let us know what you are planning and register your event here:

2 years ago Palestinian and Mexican movements have launched the call for November 9 – Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls – a call today endorsed by over 400 organizations, networks and movements across the globe.

This year, November 9 marks 30 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall and 3 years since Donald Trump was elected US president following a campaign promise to build a ‘big, beautiful wall’.

It is now 15 years since the International Court of Justice declared Israel’s apartheid wall on Palestinian land and any aid or recognition to it illegal. Yet, the Wall encaging Palestinian communities is growing and globally walls have become the sign of our times.

It is urgent we continue to join, mobilize and stand together for a World without Walls.

The ever increasing number of walls ripping today physically through the landscapes and within cities are the visual expression of the far-right policies and paradigms of segregation, oppression, exclusion and exploitation that are gaining power from India to the US, from Hungary to Brazil. Israeli apartheid is the ideological model for the rising right, which in turn sustains Israeli occupation through growing military and trade ties.

It is time to unite our struggles for a World without Walls and against a world where rights, life and dignity are granted only to a few, where people and the planet are mere objects of power and domination.

Let’s build November 9 as a space for joint struggle, a moment of reflection on the interconnections between our struggles and the patterns of injustice.

Let’s show that Palestine is not alone in its struggle. Palestine is an integral part of our common struggle for humanity.

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