mega888 Popular march in Sawahreh to stop new settlement outpost
Popular march in Sawahreh to stop new settlement outpost
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Popular march in Sawahreh to stop new settlement outpost

A few days ago, settlers have started the attempt to establish a new settlement outpost in East Sawahreh. This Friday the popular mobilization took the first steps to stop Israel’s effort to steal and colonize even more Palestinian land.

Despite the closure of the entire area and road blocks set up by the occupation forces, the people of Sawahra (East Jerusalem), representatives of organizations and movements promoting the popular struggle in the area, including Stop the Wall, as well as Palestinian officials and national personalities have gathered to oppose the construction of the new outpost on the village land.

They held the Friday prayers together and set up a permanent protest tent as a center for popular action against the outpost. After the prayers, people marched towards the outpost and, resisting tear gas and despite a number of protesters were wounded by Israeli military stationed to defend the outpost, they continued advancing as close as possible towards the outpost.

Last year, Stop the Wall and other movements of the popular struggle were able to prevent the establishment of five outposts throughout the West Bank. Continued protests have eventually failed these colonial attempts of land grab. People are determined to ensure that even this time the outpost will be dismantled before it is even finished. They pledged to continue coordinated mobilization at official and popular level and to organize protests until the outpost disappears.