‘United in Struggle’ National Conference builds joint agenda for action
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‘United in Struggle’ National Conference builds joint agenda for action

Over 200 people are attending the conference that brings together Palestinian popular struggle towards a national strategy to be able to resist Israel's settler colonial project and strengthen the role of the BDS.

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The conference brings together the Palestinian forces engaged in popular resistance from the occupied West Bank, the political parties, Palestinian movements fom inside the Green Line and the Gaza Strip.

Jalila Abu Raya, from the Galilee gave the opening speech this morning. Jalila is daughter of Raja Abu Raya, one of the six people killed in the 1976 protests against mass scale land confiscation in the Galilee, which every year are marked by Land Day on March 30.

The conference is taking place in a former jail, converted into a meeting hall, in Al Faraa', close to Nablus. Many Palestinian children used to be detained, tortured and interrogated there. The nearby refugee camp emphasizes the importance within the Palestinian struggle of the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral lands which they were ethnically cleansed from in 1948 when Israel was created.