November 9 – 4th Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls
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November 9 – 4th Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls

November 9 – Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls – is coming closer and this year the call to tear down these symbols and structures of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and exploitation is more urgent than ever. Please read the invitation to join the global interaction on November 9 here. Please let us know through this online form what you are planning, how you want to link up with others and how we can support you.



November 9 – 4th Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls


The call for a World without Walls is more urgent than ever: With the global COVID-19 pandemic the walls that oppress and exclude have risen higher, become more brutal and more visible.

The contributions to the World without Walls online exhibit show migrant communities facing lockdowns and ever more militarized borders while prisons, repression and exclusion of all forms have become even more inhumane and fatal. 

Racialized capitalism and ongoing colonial policies are producing more death, expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and exploitation. Black, brown, indigenous, poor or otherwise marginalised communities bear the brunt of the virus and the worsening economic, ecologic and moral crises of our times.

As much of our lives and struggles has moved online, ‘digital walls’ are increasingly shaping our societies. They bar access to information and communication whilst imposing surveillance mechanisms and perpetuating colonialism and authoritarianism in the digital sphere.

The soaring inequality reinforces walls and ideologies of hatred, supremacy and bigotry. Instead of healthcare and social services, resources are spent on surveillance and security for the few.

This is a world where apartheid Israel’s interests thrive:

In Palestine, Israel’s regime uses the moment to advance the effort to legitimize its apartheid regime and convey a de jure status to the ongoing de facto annexation policies. Backed by the Trump administration, it seeks to normalize and seal off its plan to enclose Palestinians behind walls, increasing settlement expansion, land theft and expulsion in the occupied West Bank and intensifying the siege and military attacks on the occupied Gaza Strip.

Across the globe, Israel exports its surveillance techniques and cashes in on heightened militarization and repression.

Yet, the last months have shown as well the existence and power of solidarity and ongoing struggle against racism, exclusion, dispossession and repression. The myriad of actions to break the isolation and fragmentation and build collective alternatives give us not only hope but certainty that sooner rather than later people and movements will tear down the walls of oppression and build a World without Walls – a world of freedom, justice and equality.

On November 9, Global Day of InterAction, we invite you to rise up to demand and build a World without Walls!

  • Celebrate the actions that tear down the walls of oppression, sharing them online, building webinars, exhibits, spaces for story telling….    

  • Name and shame those that build the walls, (re)publishing information about their responsibilities and profits or launching a campaign action to challenge their dirty deals….

  • Connect our struggles by investigating and exposing how our oppressors are interlinked.    

You can organize across the net, within your community or within your movements because a World without Walls has no limits.