Save the date: World without Walls webinars
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Save the date: World without Walls webinars

This Global Day of InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls is the start for a series of exciting webinars on the walls of our times and the rising resistance to tear them down. The webinars look into ways to build internationalist solidarity and joint struggles against walls and zoom in on some less talked about walls – the digital walls, the Arab walls, Europe’s anti-migration walls… Check out the schedule here, download and share the calendar.




November 9: “Resistance Rising: Onwards towards a World without Walls”

5pm Palestine time

Starting with a review on the Walls of Injustice 4 years after the call for a #WorldwithoutWalls was launched by Palestinian and Mexican movements, this webinar counts on contributions from leading activists from across the globe to analyse the current situation, tell us about their struggles and together reflect on how to build internationalist solidarity.


November 10: “The EU-Israel nexus: militarization, migration and apartheid”

4 pm Palestine time (3pm CET)

The European space of organizations that have come together for a #WorldwithoutWalls organizes a webinar that zooms in on the complicity between the European Union and Israel. It analyses how this connection supports the EU’s policies of militarization and racist anti-migration policies and at the same time finances and legitimizes Israeli apartheid.


November 12: “Digital Walls: Israel’s role in digital colonialism and control”

5pm Palestine time

Digital Walls are digital systems as well as economic and power structures related to the digital sphere. They share with physical walls the same logic of repression, deny us access and let others gain control over our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic, its lockdowns, border closures, tracing apps and our shift to the digital sphere have made these walls ever more acute. We will share insights into how corporate complicity in these digital walls serves certain ideologies and violates our rights. We want to further look into the role Israeli corporations, methods and technologies, which are routinely tested on the Palestinian people, have in the development of these digital walls.


November 21: “Arab Walls: Repression and Division”

4 pm Palestine time

The wars in the Arab world held by authoritarian regimes and fueled by imperialist, neocolonial and neoliberal western powers, are accompanied with the construction of an increasing number of walls. Through this webinar we seek to highlight these walls, their impact and connection between the unprecedented wave of normalization with Israeli apartheid. We want to investigate as well ways of building joint struggle against these walls and regimes.