New Petition: “No Israeli killer drones for the EU”
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New Petition: “No Israeli killer drones for the EU”

The network World without Walls – Europe has launched a new petition to EMSA, the European Maritime Safety Agency, to ask the institution not to lease any killer drones from Elbit Systems or other military companies and not to use such drones to enforce the EU’s deadly anti-migration policies.

Tweet: Sign and Share Now: The use of Israeli military drones to enforce Europe’s deadly anti-immigration policies is unacceptable. Tell @EMSA_LISBON and @Frontex to stop this!

World without Walls – Europe highlights that “Following our last petition, the EU ended its contract with Israel’s killer drones provided by Elbit Systems. As the EU’s Maritime Safety Agency wants to lease new drones: Let’s tell the European agencies that we won’t be fooled! No is No!”. The Petition targets both EMSA and the EU’s notorious border security agency FRONTEX and demands:

EMSA to exclude Israeli arms producers from tendering for these contract.

EMSA to only use drones for civil purposes and to not make them available to Frontex or others for border security flights. 

Frontex to end its drone surveillance contracts with Airbus, IAI and Elbit.

World without Walls – Europe is coalition of organizations that understand the interconnectedness of the struggles. Their statement underlines: “European anti-migration policies, that in many cases resemble Israeli paradigms and are often implemented with Israeli technology, are targeting migrants, finance Israeli apartheid and military occupation against Palestinians and militarize European societies.

“We therefore commit to work together in the intersection of these anti-racist, anti-colonial social justice struggles to build campaigns that challenge EU-Israel ties that harm Palestinian rights, migrant rights or are deepening militarization policies.”