#Save Humsa: The United Nations Have to Act!
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#Save Humsa: The United Nations Have to Act!

Since 3 November 2020, Humsa al-Fawqa, a Palestinian community in the Jordan Valley, has been targeted, raided, and demolished six times by the Israeli occupying authorities. Tell the UN Human Rights Council session on March 18 to #SaveHumsa by signing our petition jointly initiated by Stop the Wall and Al-Haq.

Humsa al-Fawqa is but one example of Israel’s systematic violations of international humanitarian and human rights law and the failure of states worldwide to end Israel’s impunity.

We as people call on our governments to ensure justice and accountability.

We demand the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to:

Accordingly, we reiterate our calls to the international community to:

  • recognise and denounce Israel’s policies against the entire Palestinian people, including the demolitions of Humsa al Fawqa, as war crimes of an Occupying Power, violation of the Palestinian right to self-determination and constituting the crime of apartheid.
  • establish an independent Human Rights Council fact-finding mission into Israel’s apartheid regime and associated obligations of states, international organizations and business enterprises.
  • further develop in a transparent manner the UN database on business enterprises involved in Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

We urge the international community to impose targeted economic and military sanctions on Israel, to publicly support and fully cooperate with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and to hold individuals including corporate actors who may have committed war crimes in Humsa al-Fawqa criminally accountable.