#StopElbit campaigning gets Elbit out of Oldham, UK
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#StopElbit campaigning gets Elbit out of Oldham, UK

The campaign to #StopElbit has been able to bar Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest military corporation, another avenue for profits.

Yesterday Elbit Systems announced it would sell its weapons factory in Oldham, UK. Since 2014 organizers in Oldham and across the UK have campaigned against Elbit Systems. Less than a year ago, the UK East Sussex Fund divested from Elbit.

In 2008, Stop the Wall launched the call against Elbit Systems as one of the main providers of surveillance equipment for Israel’s apartheid Wall. In 2009, the Norwegian State Pension Fund divested from Elbit and since then people were able to achieve the cancellation of contracts, divestments and to curb spaces for Elbit’s profits across the globe.

Elbit Systems is a crucial element and eloquent symbol of Israel’s apartheid and war economy. Beyond manufacturing the weapons for Israel’s wars, Elbit Systems provides technology for the Wall in the occupied West Bank, the underground Wall besieging Gaza and the wall through the illegally annexed Syrian Golan Heights.

Elbit Systems exports Israel’s methodology and technology of repression and war crimes across the globe. From Myanmar to Europe’s anti-migration policies to the US wall against migrants and Colombia’s repression, Elbit reaps profits from human rights violations.

For freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians and people across the globe, we need an end to any relations and complicity with Elbit Systems and an effective military embargo now.

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