In 2005, Stop the Wall has published a map projecting the Israeli plans for the final status of control of land in the West Bank - displaying the boundaries of the Palestinian Bantustans as prepared by Israel. Today this image is turning reality. 

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To all international Trade Union solidarity activists and friends of Palestine!

How can you run an effective Trade Union Confederation without training in Trade Union matters and without money? You can, but it is hard.
Especially if you want to organize Palestinian rank and file workers in an independent grassroot movement, under occupation and colonization, without coherent and working labor legislation.



Israeli military has demolished their camp eleven times. fifteen people have been arrested, and thirty-six have been injured. The Israeli soldiers have occupied the area for more than four weeks, and have moved the Palestinians on the road outside of their own land. But still refuse to give up the fight, and will continue fighting for their land.

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I. Introduction

G4S is the world’s largest security firm and, with almost 700,000 employees, the third largest pri-vate sector employer. A British-Danish company headquartered in the UK, the firm has operations in more than 125 countries providing security services to government facilities, airport security, custodial and prison services, as well as land mine clearance and consultancy services.

On the 8th anniversary of the ICJ's ruling, and on the 7th anniversary of the call for BDS and the first anniversary of the call for an immediate and comprehensive military embargo again Israel, we are intensifying our efforts to target those companies that profit from Israel's crimes, in particular the construction of the Apartheid Wall and its war economy. 

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an annual international series of events held in cities and campuses across the globe. The aim of IAW is to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of a growing global BDS movement.

We are not tired! 

Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9 - 16


Together we will tear down the Apartheid Wall!

At the beginning of this year the people in the Arab world rose up, took to the streets and squares and made crucial steps on the long road towards a just and free Middle East. The Palestinian Intifada has become Arab; the walls of fear from dictatorship have been torn down.

You Will Not Face Settler Violence Alone

This year, the olive harvest season comes with a great increase in the number of attacks by settlers on Palestinian farmers and villagers. We expect that violence will continue to escalate over the next two months.


Call for the World Social Forum Free Palestine,
November 28 - December 1 2012, Porto Alegre (Brazil)



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