Global Day of Online Action

#EndEthnicCleansing #DefendMasaferYatta

Monday February 27


In the occasion of the start of the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the #EndEthnicCleansing network promotes this Global Day of Online Action to:

  • Raise awareness that Israel’s 75 years old ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is intensifying. 
  • Demand concrete international action to end Israel’s impunity, including through sanctions and an end to military and security ties – Let’s tell them that time has run out to deplore and condemn.
  • Call on the UN to comply with its duty to end apartheid and demand it re-activates its mechanisms to fight apartheid.
  • Join boycott and divestment campaigns against bulldozer companies JCB (@JCBmachines), Hyundai Heavy Industries (@HyundaiHeavyInd), Volvo (@VolvoGroup) and other corporations that enable and profit from Israel’s ethnic cleansing.
  • Support Palestinian steadfastness against the ongoing colonization of their land.

The imminent threat of the ethnic cleansing of over 1000 people in 14 villages in Masafer Yatta region is paradigmatic. Unfortunately, it is only one of many places where Palestinians are resisting apartheid Israel’s strategy of expulsion that stretches from the Galilee to the Jordan Valley, spanning almost the entire area C of the occupied West Bank and reaching the Naqab in the south.

Graphics and Video Materials


Share the graphic of the Global Day of Online Action 

You can find more graphics to #DefendMasaferYatta here and here or here:

PIPD’s Virtual Tour of Masafer Yatta

Join Sami Huraini on a tour of several of the Masafer Yatta villages in the South Hebron Hills in the occupied West Bank. 

Sami shows us around the villages of Khalat Al-Dabaa and At-Tuwani and Al-Mufaqara, and explains how Israeli colonial expansion is affecting daily life in the area and how local Palestinian communities are resisting their ongoing ethnic cleansing.

Note: You can organize an in-person event. For further instructions, please get in touch with Sarah at


  1. Share 2 mins the Stop the Wall video on the struggle for Palestinian schools in Masafer Yatta and across the occupied West Bank. 

Suggested Tweets 

1000+ Palestinians in 14 villages in Masafer Yatta are at imminent risk of expulsion.

As the @UN_HRC starts, I call on [tag your foreign minister/secretary of state] to #DefendMasaferYatta & demand #EndEthnicCleansing and concrete action to end Israeli crimes of apartheid.

.@UN_HRC & [tag your foreign minister/secretary of state]: Israel is carrying out the largest mass expulsion of Palestinians from their rightful homes in 55 years. 1,300 Palestinians in Masafer Yatta fight for their right to exist.

Will you act to #EndEthnicCleansing & #DismantleApartheid?

Indigenous Palestinians have been living in Masafer Yatta for generations. Now Israel wants to destroy their 14 villages.

Israel’s colonial regime expels Palestinians to replace them with illegal settlers. @UN is obliged to investigate&end Israeli apartheid.


Thread on corporate complicity: 

  • Israel started to destroy 14 villages in Masafer Yatta to replace them with settlers.

@JCBmachines @VolvoGroup @HyundaiHeavyInd @CaterpillarInc machines do the demolitions.

UN Rights chief @Volker_Turk: update&activate #UN database on companies complicit with Israeli settlements.

Want to know more about who is aiding Israel? Check out the @StoptheWall corporate complicity update regarding the ethnic cleansing in Masafer.

Thread on Right to Education: 

  • Denying the right to education – destroying schools, arresting students etc – is part of apartheid Israel’s effort to expel 1300 Palestinians from Masafer Yatta.

Every person deserves to be safe at school!

We will #DefendMasaferYatta & fight for Palestinians’ right to education!

  • As-Sfai school has already been demolished and 2 other schools in Masafer Yatta could be demolished any moment.

Israeli occupation forces violently harass Palestinian students and teachers, block them from reaching school, stop classes for hours, and confiscate teachers’ cars.

  • Want to take action? Join the School Twinning and School Solidarity Advocates initiatives to build concrete and effective support to Palestinian communities, students and teachers.:

Suggested Facebook/Instagram post 

Palestinians are currently facing apartheid Israel’s most racist, far-right government. Israel’s long standing policies to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people, replacing them with ever more colonial settlements, are advancing rapidly. 

The 1300 residents in the region of Masafer Yatta (South Hebron hills), where Israel announced last May its largest ethnic cleansing effort since 1967, are experiencing a dramatic deterioration of their conditions. 

At the start of the year, Israeli authorities communicated that the destruction of a dozen villages was imminent. Since then, they are facing almost daily military incursions, settler attacks, destruction of their land, intimidation and almost complete isolation from the rest of the world. The destruction of schools and harassment of children and teachers is being weaponised to weaken Palestinian steadfastness.

The @UN_HRC starts its session today and will once again debate Israeli policies against the Palestinian people.

Please join and send a message to @UN_HRC to tell them that time has run out to deplore and condemn.The international community has an obligation to act and to stop international corporate and state complicity with Israeli apartheid. 

What else can you do?