Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s Flash Presentation
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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s Flash Presentation

Download the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s Flash Presentation for organizing against the Wall in your area! The new flash presentation is an activist tool of 92 slides that gives updated information and images about the destruction and forced expulsion caused by the Apartheid Wall. The presentation offers the history of the Apartheid Wall, with occupanying maps that illustrate the general Occupation plans in Palestine and the West Bank and Jerusalem in particular. Additionally, the maps included clearly explain the Wall’s path through the entire West Bank. While providing an overall look at the Apartheid Wall’s far-reaching impact on Palestine.

The Campaign works to make materials such as the Flash Presentation widely available for activist and advocacy use and asks that The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign be credited.

Download the Flash Presentation in the following languages:

English [10.5MB]

Please note these presentations are for use with the Windows operating system, if you need a presentation for the Macintosh please contact us.