Ar Ram Protest Against Apartheid Wall
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Ar Ram Protest Against Apartheid Wall

On Saturday June 26th, a popular demonstration, consisting of 1000s of Ar Ram residents, protesting the impending destruction of their lives and livlihoods by the Apartheid Wall, was violently crushed by Occupation forces before it could even begin. Demonstrators had barely left the Ar Ram crossroads, when waiting Occupation soldiers opened fire with barrages of tear gas, and concussion grenades, and later bringing in a water cannon.

While the general public rushed to flee the choking gas, dozens of young men took to the streets and back alleys armed with stones, trying to force the Occupation forces out of Ar Ram. The demonstrators were eventually dispersed when under cover forces, supported by dozens of Border Police and Occupation soldiers rampaged though the streets, firing live ammunition, beating and arresting many of the demonstrators.