Brazil: In support or against the genocide?
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Brazil: In support or against the genocide?

Even though the Brazilian and world media have relegated the genocide in Gaza to one news story among others, the conditions for the 2.3 million Palestinians in the besieged, isolated and bombed Strip are reaching increasingly horrific levels. The number of dead and missing people reaches 50 thousand, 70% of them women and children. In Gaza, 90% of the infrastructure is devastated, there are no longer any properly functioning hospitals. More than 30 children have already died of hunger and many more from illnesses caused by poor nutrition, lack of water and medical treatment. And Israel continues to bomb hospitals and refugee camps. The level of cruelty of the Israeli occupation forces reaches the point of bombarding the Palestinian population in line to receive the rare humanitarian aid that arrives in Gaza.

Colonial powers, led by the US and Europe, are supporting the genocide. Waiting for them to take initiative in confronting the Israeli government is equivalent to condemning the Palestinian people to death. Given this, the role of countries in the Global South, such as Brazil, becomes crucial.

We know about President Lula’s strong condemnations of genocide, but we wanted to know if Brazil is actually defending, and not just rhetorically, the rights of the Palestinian people and the human rights system that the West is burying in Gaza. As Campaign against the Wall, we have carried out a detailed study of Brazilian politics, investigating whether Brazil is fulfilling its duties in accordance with international law and with what its constitution says regarding the prevalence of human rights.

The conclusions are alarming: In recent months, relations of real complicity with Israeli crimes have not reduced, if anything, they have increased. It’s time to change direction.

Read the full report – in Portuguese below.