Campaign Documents on International Law
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Campaign Documents on International Law

This section contains all documents issued by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign regarding International Law,
the International Court of Justice and the relevant UN resolutions including:

  • Press releases & Calls to Action
  • Fact Sheet
  • Analysis

Press Releases and Calls to Action

The International Court of Justice Declares:

News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

July 9th, 2004 —
International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, despite intense pressure
from Israel, the US and EU Governments, confirms what Palestinians and the
world have known since the beginning of its planning and construction – THE
The ICJ Advisory Opinion clearly calls for a complete stop
and reversal of the Wall. In response to the ICJ opinion, the Palestinian
Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is calling for immediate action:
Construction on the Wall must be stopped immediately, all existing sections
must be dismantled and compensation must be offered to those who have suffered
from its devastation. [MORE]

Call for Action On the
One Year Anniversary of the ICJ

Worldwide Activism, The Grassroots Palestinian
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
June 16th, 2005 —
As the
Apartheid Wall continues to imprison the Palestinian people in ghettos and to
steal and raze their land, the 9th of July will see massive popular resistance
to the Apartheid Wall staged by the Campaign’s popular committees across
Palestine. [MORE]

July 9 & 10: Days of Action: "We
Demand Justice for Palestine Now!"

Call to Action, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

9th, 2004 —
the beginning of the construction of the Apartheid Wall in June 2002,
Palestinians have been protesting against it and international organizations
have repeatedly highlighted ways in which the Wall violates Human Rights Law
and International Humanitarian Law. Ongoing Palestinian pressure, supported by
international censure pushed the United Nations General Assembly on December 8 2003
to pass a resolution requesting that the International Court of Justice (ICJ)
in The Hague
give an Advisory Opinion on the "legality" of the Wall. Hearings were
thus held in the
Hague in February 2004. On the 9th of
July, 3 pm,
the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice will be issued. The
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign asks that the world remain critical and expose the
political implications of the ICJ decision – whatever its content may be -to
support us in raising up the Palestinian voice to the world’s public opinion.
To this end we are calling for Days of Action on the 9th &10th of July. We
are urging you to support our efforts and make our voices heard! [MORE]

In Palestine and Worldwide: Popular
Hearings and Demonstrations against the Wall as ICJ in The Hague Hears Oral

Press Release, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 7th, 2004 — As a
national and international call by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall
Campaign, February 21-23 will mark worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian
call for justice in the case of the Apartheid Wall being built inside the West
Bank. In an attempt to raise greater awareness worldwide, and to highlight the
importance of the case, popular hearings that will detail the illegality of the
Wall will be held in various cities worldwide. At the same time, solidarity
groups are planning demonstrations to ensure greater exposure for the issue and
make clear to their governments popular opposition to the Wall. [MORE]

We Demand Justice for Palestine!
Make the Wall Fall!

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 7th, 2004 — On the
occasion of the Hearing on the Wall at the International Court of Justice in
The Hague, PENGON/ Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign calls upon all
groups, networks and movements to raise their voice against this crime and
denounce the illegal Wall. As the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The
Hague will hear arguments and
testimonies on the Wall on February 23, there is an urgent need to make clear
the popular, worldwide disapproval for the illegal Wall and need of the
international community to take responsibility for what has already been
declared illegal numerous times by the United Nations. There is serious concern
in Palestine,
and for all justice-seekers, that pressure on the Court and on others to
prevent a swift or fair ruling against the Wall is taking place intensively as Israel’s
concern for the outcome of the ICJ hearing increases. And meanwhile, the
construction of the Wall continues on a daily basis. [MORE]

Fact Sheet:

Wall Campaign Fact Sheet
The Wall and International Law

Israel’s construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank constitutes
a grave violation of human rights and international law.
The Apartheid Wall will result in the unilateral demarcation of a new border in
the West Bank and the effective annexation of occupied land.
Other violations of international law include collective punishment of the civilian
population, the seizing of private property by an occupying power, the
demolition of houses and property, and the violation of such basic human rights
as the right to work and freedom of movement. In this fact sheet, which
analyzes the Wall and its impact in the context of international humanitarian
and human rights law, is an important resource for making clear that the Wall’s
illegality cannot be denied. Download in PDF [1 MB].


Mobilization and Momentum are the
Only Ways to Ensure that the Sole De Facto Victor is not the International

Analysis, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
July 29th, 2004 — No doubt,
expectations in Palestine – and among its supporters – had been low in regards
to the International Court of Justice "Advisory Opinion.
" The Court, as the United Nations as a whole, was expected to fall
substantially short in its decision. With the continued failure of the
UN in relation to Palestinian rights and self-determination, the decision or
opinion was understood as predominantly public relations. With the continued
malleability of the law based on Israeli, US and European interest, it was
expected that the Court would take an even more conservative approach than the
General Assembly, which often time seeks to reflect popular international
sentiment in support of the Palestinian struggle. [MORE]

One year after the ICJ – The G8 and
World Bank Cementing Israeli Apartheid and Occupation

Analysis, The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
July 7th, 2005 — As world
leaders gather in Scotland for the G8 summit, the Palestinian people and
solidarity groups across the world will mark the first anniversary of the
International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on the Apartheid Wall. The court,
having taken up the popular appeals from Palestine,
stipulated that the Wall is illegal and must be dismantled while directing the
international community “not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the
situation created by [the Wall’s] construction”. In the latest campaign
analysis we unravel the complicity and support of the international community
for the Apartheid Wall and Occupation’s project of expelling the Palestinian
people from their lands. [MORE]

The Wall Is Illegal, Now We Must
Stop It

Jamal Juma’, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 21st, 2004 — The Israeli
wall in the Occupied West Bank is almost one-third complete, a year and a half
after construction began. It snakes deep inside the West
Bank, devouring fertile land into de facto
Israeli-controlled areas, encircling residential areas and ghettoizing the
Palestinian population. That the Wall is a violation of international law is
not new. [MORE]


Víctor de Currea-Lugo,
PENGON / Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

January 7th, 2004 — The
Apartheid Wall is justified by the Israeli government in front of the
international media as a means of preventing attacks on Israel while developing
a strong campaign to justify the Wall and to show its “advantages”. In reality,
the origin of the idea of the Wall did not coincide with these attacks but have
been a part of Sharon’s plans for many years. The expression “for security reasons” instead has been
adopted by Israel to justify this and other measures against the Palestinian people, even if
contrary to international law. The Wall is clearly illegal according to
international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL). This
article shows the Wall’s illegality through two main dimensions—one the Wall
itself, and two its consequences and violation to Palestinian rights. Download
the article in PDF [77 KB]. [DOWNLOAD FILE]

Real Victories are Tangible: UN Resolution on
the Wall Further Highlights International Agency’s Weaknesses

Analysis, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
October 23rd, 2003 — The October
21 passing of the United Nations General Assembly resolution calling upon
Israel to “stop and reverse” the Apartheid Wall is being hailed by some as a
mark of success for justice in Palestine or a noteworthy step in tearing the
Wall down. But, praise and relief for the UN decision should be seen as
misguided, as a reading of the text finds that the Resolution presents the
issue within a framework that denies the fundamental distinction between
Occupied and Occupier. [MORE]

"Dismantling" and
"Adjustments" in the Wall’s Path an Israeli Media Game, Wall’s Strangulation
Continues Unhindered

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 23rd, 2004 — As the
International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague hears Oral Arguments in the
case against the Wall, the Israelis have decided they will not participate in
the Hearing, aware that there is nothing legitimate–or legal–about the Wall.
Instead, parallel Israeli efforts to undermine the case against the Wall were
well underway from the start, including arguments that the political nature of
the Wall should prevent the court from hearing the case. In the end, the media
is an Israeli dominated arena where much of its political agenda plays itself
out. MORE]

The Wall in Palestine and the
European Union

Victor de Currea-Lugo,
Legal Advisor, Palestinian "Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign"
February 21st, 2004 — We believed
in the power of the law when our Campaign received news of the United Nations
General Assembly Resolution in October 2003. The Resolution demanded that Israel
stop construction of the Wall and demolish the
existing sections within one month’s time. We believed, but conditionally,
since Israel’s
violation of international law and the UN resolutions is
continuous and unhindered. [MORE]