Derail Alstom – Saudi Arabia deal
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Derail Alstom – Saudi Arabia deal

The state owned Saudi Electric Company (SEC) has signed a letter of intent to award Alstom a 1.9 billion Euro contract to build a power plant in Shoaiba.

French multinational Alstom is a 20% shareholder in Citypass consortium that has been contracted by Israel to build a light rail in Jerusalem. Alstom is the bigger partner of the two international shareholders in the project.

The light rail in Jerusalem is a crucial infrastructure project to further Judaize Jerusalem via settlement expansion. Its path clearly discriminates against Palestinians in their capital, catering to a vision of a Jewish-only Jerusalem.

The Shoaiba plant contract allows Saudi Arabia to pressure Alstom to withdraw from the Jerusalem light rail project.

The Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and the Civic Coalition for the Defense of Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem have called on Saudi Arabia not to contract Alstom for the construction of the new Shoaiba power plant, to phase out existing contracts and not to award it any new contracts. In addition, Saudi Arabia is being called on to ensure Alstom is inserted in the boycott lists of the Organization of Islamic Countries and the Arab League.

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