Download the Campaign Call to Action for the ICJ Ruling on July 9th.
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Download the Campaign Call to Action for the ICJ Ruling on July 9th.

On the 9th of July, 3 pm, the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the illegality of the Apartheid Wall will be issued.

The importance of the Court’s opinions is well known. A positive Court opinion can make a difference. In 1971, after the ICJ brought a verdict against South Africa’s Occupation of Namibia, the international community imposed sanctions on the Apartheid State. Subsequent International isolation, economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure have supported the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement in its struggle against a racist and colonialist regime and have brought South Africa Apartheid to an end.

The release of ICJ advisory opinion is not only occasion to evaluate the readiness of the international community to take up its responsibilities towards Palestine, but also a time to highlight the devastating effects of the Wall, its racist and colonialist motives and to prompt all further steps to tear down the Apartheid Wall. We must engage in an increasingly determined, coordinated and Palestinian-led effort in order to see the Wall fall as a first step to ending Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.

Please download the Campaign Call to Action, and distribute it to activist and solidarity networks, as well as any meetings or events you hold around the ICJ ruling. You can also view the Call to Action in our Worldwide Activism section.


Download the Call to Action as a PDF [25KB]