How to join Nov9 – #WorldwithoutWalls
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How to join Nov9 – #WorldwithoutWalls

We are looking forward to your participation in the mobilization, your stories about your struggle against the walls of injustice and your activity on November 9 to build together a  #WorldwithoutWalls.


Here are some easy steps to join this amazing mobilization. 


Endorse the call!

You and your organisation want to join the mobilization for a #WorldwithoutWalls? Let us know but endorsing the call to action.

You can sign the call in English here and in Spanish here.


Promote the call!

Let other people know that a #WorldwithoutWalls is under construction!

Please check out, follow, like and share call for action and the stories of the movements and groups joining the mobilisation and struggling for a World without Walls.
Invite your contacts to the Facebook event:
use and share the twitter hashtag: #WorldwithoutWalls (Please use the hashtag as well to share your stories with us.)
Please follow the twitter handle: @Nov9_No Walls and @stopthewall

Share your struggle!

We want to show in how many places around the world people and movements are every day building a #WorldwithoutWalls. We want to promote your struggles and actions against the walls.
To make this possible, we need your contribution.
We ask you to send the following:
1) A brief story of your organization and how it fights the walls (a couple of paragraphs are enough);
2) Some photos of actions, events, people involved, etc.;
3) If there is already graphic, visual, and/or audiovisual material, please share it with us.



Discuss with your group what kind of actions you would want to build for November 9 – Global Day of Action for a #WorldwithoutWalls.This can be street actions, seminars, exhibits, cultural events, media action – it is up to your creativity.

Please keep in mind that we are already building a #WorldwithoutWalls in our daily struggles and campaigns. You may already be planning some action around November 9 that fights a wall of injustice and/or contributes to a #WorldwithoutWalls. You may want to consider this your contribution to the Global Day of Action and hold the initiative under the banner of a #WorldwithoutWalls. You can show that your efforts are part of global struggles for justice, freedom and equality.

Broaden the movement!

Take a moment to think who is it that in your location or area of action fights the walls of injustice and builds a #WorldwithoutWalls.
Please help us to reach out to these groups, alert them about the Global Mobilization for a #WorldwithoutWalls and encourage them to join in. Their contribution is as necessary as yours and we want to hear their stories as well.


Toolkit: November 9

a #WorldwithoutWalls under construction!

You can download images to promote November 9 – Global Day of Action for a World without Walls below:

(Credits: The logo of the global Day of Action for a World without Walls has been created by the Indian artist Orijit Sen.)


You can use some of these slogans on twitter and in your communications: