IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global Actions on November 9 for a #WorldwithoutWalls
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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global Actions on November 9 for a #WorldwithoutWalls

– Hundreds of movements from over 30 countries of all continents have come together today, November 9, in a pledge to build together a #WorldwithoutWalls.

– Actions are taking place in Palestine, Mexico, Berlin, Northern Ireland and from Brazil’s favelas to New York

– People demand an end to Walls in Palestine and around the globe, an end to militarization of borders, repression in societies and corporate impunity

– See the video here.

This year, November 9 marks the convergence of global struggles for justice, freedom and equality. The Global Day of InterAction was launched by Palestinian and Mexican movements on the date that simultaneously marks the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the International Day against Israel’s Apartheid Wall and a year since Donald Trump has been elected president with the promise to build more of the wall to the US border with Mexico.
Over the last months over 370 organisations from some 30 countries around the world have joined the call. See the global mapping here.

Quote from Stop the Wall:
“In particular over the last year, we have seen a global rise of racist, repressive, exclusionary and supremacist ideologies. Governments are developing and expanding with ever more freedom policies that criminalise and kill migrants, poor people, all those that are not of the dominant colour, religion, caste, race, gender or sexual orientation as well as all those that stand in the way of the profits of the powerful”.
“The rising number of physical walls around the globe, many of them inspired or built by Israeli technology, are the symbolic centerpiece in a world full of visible and invisible walls of injustice”.

“As Palestinians we don’t only feel, we are, directly connected to all those struggling against walls of injustice. Israel promotes its ideology of apartheid, colonialism and war as well as the technologies to implement them globally”.
“We are determined not only to tear down Israel’s apartheid Wall but to join hands with all those that resist walls of injustice”.

Since Israel started building its apartheid Wall in Palestine in 2002, the number of walls on borders or occupied territories worldwide have tripled. Today there are over 70  such walls. By 2022, the border security market is expected to rise to $52.95 billion globally.
Daniela González Lopez, who participated in the Mexican-US delegation to Palestine for a World without Walls (October 10-15) and coordinates the International Caravan for People’s Unity and against the Walls of Infamy, underlined:
“The walls of infamy cut off the people from their lives and lands, denying them basic freedoms and expand a state of violence and control. To counter this, we have called for the a mobilisation for a #WorldwithoutWalls. It has already been a large convergence towards unity of the struggles for justice and sovereignty of the people”.

The International Caravan, including a delegation from Palestine, has travelled throughout Mexico and will reach tomorrow the US border Wall in Sonora/Nogales to join the Border Encounter.
Around the world, almost 50 actions are happening to mark November 9 – Global Day of Action for a #WorldwithoutWalls.

Some highlights are: Yesterday, in the US 15 actions across the country organised by the #DeadlyExchange campaign have yesterday started initiatives for a world of safety through solidarity, a #WorldwithoutWalls. In Northern Ireland at the world famous monument to resistance and solidarity with oppressed nations in Derry, we had a stencil action.Today, In Germany, right at the spot where the Berlin Wall fell on November 9 1989, a protest is scheduled. Tomorrow at Israel’s apartheid Wall in Palestine, a central anti-Wall protest will be held in Ni’lin. At the US-Mexico Wall of Shame (Sonora/Nogales) will start the Border Encounter with protests, workshops and cultural events. In Spain groups are holding an event against Spain’s wall against migration and the rising number of walls that mar our world, in France various activities against racism and repressive migration policies are scheduled, in one of Brazil’s largest favela in Rio de Janeiro activists are protesting the walls that exclude them from the rest of the city. A Latin American action is planned against Cemex, Mexico’s construction material giant, which contributes to Israel’s Wall and settlement project in the occupied Palestine.

Movements around the world are converging in their demands that the walls have to fall, migration policies have to change, wars, occupation and the rising repression within societies has to end.
Jamal Juma’ comments:
“In order to tear down Israel’s apartheid wall and ensure we achieve rights for all, we need to hold those that promote, build and profit from the walls accountable. We need target the industry of walls. It is time to ensure walls, wars, repression and the theft of our lands and livelihood can no longer be good business.
“Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is our Palestinian call to stop impunity and undercut the financial sustainability of Israeli apartheid and the world of walls it promotes.”

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