Interactive Wall map by al Haq
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Interactive Wall map by al Haq


In occasion of the 10th anniversary of the decision of the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of Israel’s construction of the Apartheid Wall, al Haq has developed a new interactive map on the Wall.

To access the map, click here.

When completed, only 13% of the Wall will be built on the Green Line, internationally accepted as the boundary between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, with the remaining 87% built on West Bank land.

The Wall deviates extensively from the path of the Green Line, at some points as much as 22 kilometres. This deviation exposes the “security” justification of the Wall as a myth designed to obscure Israels deliberate and systematic policy of annexation of land and water resources.

If the current plans for the construction of the Wall are completed, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will be living between the Green Line and the Wall, in the so-called Seam Zone, including approximately 250,000 residents of East Jerusalem.

An even greater number of Israeli citizens, living in over a hundred illegal settlements constructed inside the OPT (including 192,000 settlers living in East Jerusalem) will find themselves on the western side of the Wall, fully integrated, in practice, into the State of Israel. The purple areas show where the settlements have been built, many between the 1967 line and the Annexation Wall. There are at least 149 settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, despite their illegality under international law.