Map of Settler Roads and Tunnels
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Map of Settler Roads and Tunnels

A spider network of settler roads, bridges and tunnels continue to surround Palestinians villages and towns further ghettoizing them. The Occupation Forces have begun constructing 24 tunnels for Palestinian use while they remain barred from settler-only roads. Such roads, and the obligatory security zones which accompany them, separate Palestinians from their lands, isolating villages and towns from each other. Six tunnels are already completed, the rest under construction or pending.

Tunnels and settler roads will imprison Palestinians in a system of apartheid forging scattered and separated ghettos. This network of roads, together with the Wall, encircles Palestinians and perpetuates the Occupation’s control over the Palestinian ghettos and people. With one road leading to one village, or a group of villages or a whole district, the Occupation Forces can invade, bomb or destroy a whole community, and withdraw, leaving Palestinians trapped with no sovereignty, no security, and no control over their lives.

These roads and tunnels, along with the Apartheid Wall create the borders for a final settlement to be enforced upon the Palestinians. The occupying forces call this “a viable state” – creating separated ghettos linked by a system of tunnels and low roads controlled by Occupation Forces – satisfying American calls for “maximum contiguity”.


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