Ni’lin: our struggle against the Apartheid Wall
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Ni’lin: our struggle against the Apartheid Wall

This video shows the ongoing struggle of Ni’lin village against the occupation’s campaign of dispossession. Located in west Ramallah district, the village lost the greater part of its lands in 1948. The Apartheid Wall is now destroying the rest of the lands, the village’s thriving economy. Farmers, workers and small businessmen are all equally affected by the ghettoization of the village.

The bulldozers arrived in Spring 2008 to destroy the farm lands and isolate them behind the Wall. However, the occupation forces have met with determined resistance. Hundreds of people are out in the fields three times a week to ensure that the works for the Wall are interrupted or delayed.

As the international community stands idle, unwilling to implement its own decisions on the illegality of the Wall, the people from Ni’lin have decided that they will stop the Wall themselves through protest and direct action.

To see the video, click here.