Report: Brazil’s military ties with Israel (English and Portuguese)
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Report: Brazil’s military ties with Israel (English and Portuguese)

This 31 pages report details the active support of the Brazilian state for the Israeli arms industry as well as the Israeli interests in and profits from Brazil’s military and defense industry.  It finally confronts these realities with the framework of economic, legal and political interests and obligations of Brazil.


The report is available below in English and Portuguese.

We urge the Brazilian state to stop all military relations with Israel, and in particular to:
  • Not ratify, and to cancel, the security cooperation agreement with Israel.
  • Close down the offices of the Brazilian Armed Forces in Israel.
  • Modify the procurement regulations of the Brazilian army to ensure that companies violating international law are excluded from contracts.
  • Bar companies involved in violations of international law from establishing themselves on Brazilian territory via acquisitions of companies, joint ventures or licensing. 
  • Ensure companies violating international law are excluded from the contracts for the World Cup and the Olympics as sports that awards war criminals cannot be “fair play”. 
  • Bar companies violating international law from participating in the LAAD Defense Expo. 
  • Duly prosecute Israeli suspects of war crimes and crimes against humanity when they are found in its territory. 
Doing business with  the Israeli arms industry seriously undermines Brazil’s  support of Palestinian political and human rights, as any contracts directly support the construction of settlements and the Wall, which ensure that a Palestinian state will not be established, as well as provide financial support and incentive for companies closely tied with the human rights violations carried out by the Israeli military. This ensures that colonialism and occupation remain profitable,  allowing these companies to continue to profit from Israeli war crimes while casting doubt on the Brazilian government’s commitment to human rights and its alliances and interests in the wider region. It is unacceptable that Brazil hand over their taxpayers’ money to these companies, and in the end, a decision must be made between dealing with Israel or standing with the Palestinian people.