Report: People versus Oppression
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Report: People versus Oppression

In 2009, Stop the Wall and Addameer released a report entitled Repression
Allowed, Resistance Denied
, which detailed the repression of Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall since 2002. Following up this report, Stop the Wall published a shorter update in the summer of 2010, covering March – June 2010 and detailing how Occupation forces continued to target the anti-Wall movement.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. The Wall and the Settlements

III. Popular Resistance Against the Wall and

IV. The ICJ Opinion and its Implications for
Human Rights Defenders

V. Forms of Repression

1. Arrests

2. Violence

3. Collective Punishment

4. Case Studies

VI. Global Action: Successes and Failures

VII. Calls to Action