Road Closure and Land Confiscation in Shufa Village
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Road Closure and Land Confiscation in Shufa Village

Before the Aqsa intifada Occupation forces, together with Israeli settlers confiscated large areas of Shufa’s lands from the west to build the settlement of Avne Hefetz, which was partially built on the main road linking the village to Tulkarem. This lead to closure of the road as Occupation soldiers and settlers prohibited villagers from using it. Later, Occupation forces closed the other road between Shufa and Safarin east of the village, as well lands were confiscated to open a new bypass road coming from Taiba- an Arab village Occupied in 1948. Closing the second way to and from the village left only a dirt agricultural road which the villagers were then forced to use. Recently this road was also closed sealing the residents into their village, and isolating them from family, jobs, schools, and basic services such as garbage collection, and medical care.