Settlements in Bethlehem Expand with Wall
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Settlements in Bethlehem Expand with Wall

By Bethlehem, the Apartheid Wall is furthering the separation of the area from Jerusalem. Through Bethlehem city and neighboring communities, the Wall consists of 15 km of razor wire or concrete (as by Rachel’s Tomb) and often built in combination with settler by-pass roads. 15,000 dunums of agricultural land is isolated by the Wall towards the ever expanding settlements. In the area, the Wall is slicing communities into ghettos: some 500 people from the area around Rachel’s Tomb are finding themselves in the de facto annexed area by Israel as well as close to 4,000 people from Bir ‘Ona (southwest of Beit Jala), 8,000 in Western Ta’amreh (No’man and Al Khas) and 3,500 in Al Walajeh.