Simply unsustainable! – The EU’s energy projects with Israel
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Simply unsustainable! – The EU’s energy projects with Israel

These projects:

(1) deepen the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels – putting into question the EU’s ability to meet climate change targets;

(2) threaten the unique marine environment and incomes and lives connected to it;

(3) deepen the EU’s complicity with Israeli violations of international law;

(4) are economically questionable.

PENGON/Friends of the Earth Palestine therefore calls on the EU and the governments of Greece and Cyprus to:

  • Withdraw the current tender for the Eurasia Interconnector, remove the project from the list of Projects of Common Interest and put the overall project on hold.
  • Cancel the feasibility study and remove the EastMed Gas Pipeline from the PCI list.
  • Warn European companies and investors of the legal, economic and security risks of involvement in Israel’s gas projects
  • Reconsider EU investment in the natural gas projects included in the third PCI given their negative impact on climate change and human rights.

To download the full briefing, please click here.

The briefing has been written by PENGON member, the Stop the Wall Campaign.